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Deciding who’s the alpha male

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Tommy and Bevan face off with hackles raised, engaging in bluff, bluster and snapping — all behaviors seen in the natural dog world to retain social position. Remember, you must never tolerate growling because this will usually lead to biting!

Who will be the alpha dog in the Black Dog Clan?

New Black Dog Clan members from france!

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They’re both architecture students from Paris, but Victoire (eldest daughter of CWC artists, Francois Avril and Dominique Corbasson) has been studying at Waseda this year and taking photos of Blythe as her part-time job. Julien has been studying in Berlin. They have re-united in time to enjoy the cherry blossoms next week!

Q: Is it the person or the weapon that kills?

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It’s probably not a great idea to challenge the manhood or intelligence of someone who’s holding a gun…

A: A combination of the two

HEMP. not what you think it is

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High-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) as in nuclear electromagnetic bombs exploding hundreds of kilometers above the earth’s surface.

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starbucks: coffee + firearms = ?

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What’s scarier than a cocky, young man with a gun? We’ll find out…

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