Dog Eaters

Burnin’ Up Inside…

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Sax player, Jason Gaye composed this song. Performed by Ikaika and the All-Stars. Lady Paisley and Seph1 on vocals. Dennis Ouchi on guitar, Chris Roth on bass, Shinya Yarimizo on drums, Ikaika on piano.

Tommy, Stevie, and Tracy are concerned…

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Pencil from Issue 5, page 2
When a valued member of the clan is wounded, the young leaders of the clan are forced to step up.

Watch and listen to “Roaches”

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Original music written by Ikaika and played by the Ikaika All-Stars.

Live at the Dragon Upstairs, Honolulu. January 17, 2010
On Roaches —
Drums: Shinya Yarimizo
Sax: Jason Gaye
Guitar: Dennis Ouchi
Bass: Chris Roth
Flute: Sole
Piano: Ikaika

finishing off the battle

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The Roaches have penetrated the circled semis and almost killed Tracy. Lamont puts the finishing touches on one of the last remaining Roaches.

Blast from the past!

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This video served a couple of purposes. I was able to dub an old project called “Fear of Failure” that only existed on VHS onto a mini-DV tape and then captured into a hard drive. This last remaining copy was shot in Super-8, telecined to Umatic, edited on Umatic, dubbed to Umatic, then dubbed to VHS. You’ll have to believe me when I tell you that original one-hour edit looked great!

It also gave me a chance to keep my editing chops from getting too rusty.

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