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DOG EATERS publisher is now Dynamite.

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The formal announcement has been made — Dynamite Comics have acquired the titles published by Dabel Brothers Productions and will begin to publish and distribute those books under the Dynamite banner beginning in April 2010.

“(Dabel Brothers)…founded by Les and Ernst Dabel came on the comics scene in 2003 with their surprise hit adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s “The Hedge Knight” before helping launch Marvel’s best-selling “Anita Blake” series of adaptations in a co-branded deal that ran throughout 2007. But while many of their titles, up through a current crop that includes comics based on Dean Koontz’s modern day “Frankenstein” and Jim Butcher’s best-selling “Dresden Files” series of mystery/horror novels, have sold well, Dabel Brothers as a company has also had a tumultuous life as a publisher. Past partnerships with Marvel, Image and Devil’s Due all ended abruptly.”

After winning the award to have my screenplay to be adapted into a comic/graphic novel by the Dabel Brothers at the ScreenwritingExpo5, I can attest to the “tumultuous” nature of their publishing life and business practices. There are many unhappy artists and writers out there and this has been a long time coming. In the end the lesson is: you can fool all of the people some of the time, but eventually karma catches up.

Happier — or let’s say — days when the upside was incalculably limitless…
From left to right: Sean Jordan (left Dabels in early 2008 over payment issues), Malcolm (hanging in there to complete the DE graphic novel), Les Dabel (former VP of Dabels), Ernst Dabel (President of Dabels and the oldest brother).

DOG EATERS will be released as a digital download and as a trade paperback when all the artwork is complete. There will be no more “floppies,” the regular comic books. We are now on the last 3 pages of Issue 4 of the six-issue series.

The first 3 issues can be purchased online here at for a nice discount.

I will be posting new art and have a new music-animatic almost complete.

The only thing to do is keep moving on!

Lamont makes a stand

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Issue #4 page 27, panel detail (pencil).lamont-last-stand

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