Dog Eaters

new year’s eve initiation

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Sean, one of Isaac’s closest classmates from high school dropped by and spent the night. We treated him to New Year’s Eve soba at our favorite soba place, Shosen, near Araiyakushimae Station.
The device Sean’s holding in his hand controls a drone loaded with air-to-surface missiles in the war zone above a small village in the mountains …. Just joking!

Issue 4 page 28 panel detail, color

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Gunning for a Nobel Peace Prize

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Issue 4, page 28 panel detail, pencil. Okay, Lamont hasn’t been nominated for the Nobel, but perhaps he could be put on the short list…

lamont lobbies for the nobel peace prize…

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“We cannot tolerate a world in which nuclear weapons spread to more nations and in which the terror of a nuclear holocaust endangers more people. And that’s why we’ve begun to use more automatic weapons.”
This is actually a misquote of Lamont — I think it’s a paraphrase of Barack Obama’s Nobel acceptance speech, but, whatever…
Panel detail from Issue #4, page 27

dog eaters commission art

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Commission by Guillermo Angel done for an American fan. He also has purchased the first three issues of the comic.
“Tommy and Stevie”
Price for this: $65.00

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