Dog Eaters

Feel the light!

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I’m preparing images for the second music-animatic of DOG EATERS. This will cover from two-thirds of the way through Issue #1 to partway through Issue #2. This time the music will be more along the lines of filmscore with no singing. Sound effects will be used and probably narration, too.
This image is from Issue #1. Bevan feels the light…

music-animatic for the first part of issue #1

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Written, Produced, Edited, Music (Cloud Hands Project): Malcolm Wong
Pencil Art: Guillermo Angel
Color: Ruben DeVela, Michael Bartolo
Vocal on “After the Fire”: Julianne Spicer

New clansman, errrr new clanswoman visits Tokyo

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Rinna, a vital ingrediment of Mindtrigger, a custom Blythe artist team visited CWC and Junie Moon.

It has been a week of visits by Blythe custom artists…

Issue #0 is downloadable again — for free!

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If you look in the upper-left hand corner of this page, you will see that Issue #0 is available for download again. A WordPress update from 2.5 to 2.7 knocked it off the page, but thanks to James Kuhnert at Banjo Creative, who tweaked the page template, we are back in business.

If you haven’t already, please download Issue #0 and check it out.