Dog Eaters


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Your DE print #3 will look better than this.

This is the newsprint (for wheat-paste poster) version. The archival print is on Stonehenge paper. Only $35 (unframed) + postage. Shipped from Los Angeles.

More Punahou grads visit

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We were happy to see these two in Daikanyama!
Risa (left) and Mariko (right) both graduated from Punahou — the same high school as President Obama. Risa is a make-up artist in Tokyo. Mariko is working for East-West Center in Honolulu. She has been a friend of Dustin’s (Ponytail) since they were babies. Welcome!

New Maui division Black dog clan members

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Making sure that the progress for the Anekona Compound goes smoothly are the following new Black Dog Clansmen.
Theo is the new landscaping assistant. He’s majoring in extreme water sports, but will also be researching soil PH (ironwood chips are poison?), ground cover, weed mat decomposition, and taro for poi.
These are Jo-Ann’s friends. Jo-Ann has been a BDC for over a year, now.

New Black Dog member, Tokyo division

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On my way out the door on my bicycle, I spotted someone I knew.clan_591

It was Koto-san from Devil Robots. He was on his way to the doctor to have his knee looked at. Get well soon!

dog eaters going digital

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Just wanted to let you know that DOG EATERS will soon be available for download to digital platforms from iVerse. Details to follow in the near future…

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