Dog Eaters

When dad doesn’t like your boyfriend…

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Pilgrimage to tokyo by lev (from Toy Tokyo NYC)

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Lev is here for the annual Medicom shindig and always drops by to purchase Blythe for Toy Tokyo. However, this year, while he had the good fortune to become a member of the Black Dog Clan, he was not able to get any dolls.
This year, demand cannot keep up with supply. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be in this situation. Okagesamade.
Here Lev hears what he doesn’t want to hear: “No dolls…”
Lev wouldn’t mind a few of these:
Side display window of Junie Moon, Daikanyama, Tokyo.

I hate my step-mother!

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Tracy angrily confronts her father, Lamont, and Angie, his girlfriend.
Issue #3, page 10 detail.

Proof for issue #3 is finished!!

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Whew, the lettering is complete for Issue #3. Just a few small corrections and it’s off to the printers.


Page 11 panel detail

issue #4, pg 7 detail

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Work is moving along quite quickly on Issue #4 (I’m happy to report)

This is a a panel that takes up about one-quarter of the

Here, Tracy shows Bevan how skilled she is with a knife…

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