Dog Eaters

Issue #3, pg 5 detail

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In a future world where Bovine spongiform encephalopathy has decimated the population of hoofed animals, those who hanker for meat do not have much of a choice. The Black Dog Clan has come across a pack of wild dogs. Bevan gets a close look at why other tribes and clans call them, “Dog Eaters.”

Color is finished for issue #3!!

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This is pg 28 of Issue #3. Next is lettering and pre-press and then it’s off to the printers. Keep an out for this later this month!

Tracy’s coming of age…


Color revision. Color base by Digikore. Color revision by Brolo.

wordpress updated

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I started this site with WordPress 2.5 and I was happy with it. Then I couldn’t upload images from my Leopard MacBook. Kind of inconvenient… So for a week or so, I uploaded from computers using OS 10.4x and that worked. Then that stopped working. In desperation, I upgraded to 2.7. Well, images can upload, but in only one size. Also some of the images disappeared. And probably a bunch of links. Not sure what the upgrade was for…

Count me an unsatisfied customer of an open source program that is absolutely free. How can you be disappointed with something that is free? I don’t know, but I am!

page 8 panel detail

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Here is a detail from an Issue #3 panel on page 8. The drawings are detailed enough that they stand up to frame-by-frame scrutiny.


Line Art: Guillermo Angel
Color: Digikore, Mumbai
Color Finishing: Brolo

Issue #3, pg 18 detail

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In this scene, Tracy fights with her father, Lamont, after he banishes Bevan from the Black Dog Clan.


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