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Issue #2, detail from page 13

Rose plays her cards in a coy but sly way…

Amanda report: a NY Comic Con Happy Hour: May 20, 2009 5:30 p.m – 9:30 p.m.

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Amanda was on the spot for what the 2nd of what is hoped to be monthly happy hours to keep the memory of New York Comicon alive until next time — which is scheduled in fall of 2011 — almost 2 years from the last one in early Feb 2009.

With Amanda’s photos (she apologizes profusely for the blurriness) and in her own words:

I arrived at Dave and Buster’s in Times Square at 5:40 p.m., and took the escalator up to the bar area on the third level of the Dave and Buster’s building. The location was selected as a good venue for Comic Con fans because the building features a gaming center and large screen televisions.

Upon entry, some of the Comic Con staff were still setting up tables and chairs in the bar area. The staff were dressed in identifying Comic Con Tee shirts. The timing allowed for all drinks to be half-priced for the Happy Hour.

At the bar, I started speaking to a fellow visitor named Hector, who explained that he had attended the most recent NY Comic Con and came to meet the organizers and enjoy meeting other comic fans. I asked him if he had heard of Dog Eaters, and when I showed him the comic he immediately commented on the Dabel Brothers label and read through the comic. Here is a picture of him receiving his new Issue 0 comic:


Hector was very friendly and he expressed curiosity about the animation and manga scene in Japan. He was very intrigued about how Dog Eaters is both a comic and manga. I directed him to the website,!

After speaking with Hector, I noticed a montage of photographs from NY Comic Con 2009 on the large television screens. The construction in the back area past the bar had been completed, and there was now a table set up with Comic Con-related items, staffed with volunteers from the convention. Here is a picture of the friendly Comic Con people:


I took this opportunity to chat with the volunteers and mention Dog Eaters. The girl with the red glasses was especially helpful – she received a copy of Issue 0 and said that she would direct me to the man in charge.

She was true to her word!

About five minutes later, after speaking with a few different people and showing them Dog Eaters, I was summoned back to the table. Not only was the man in charge at the table, but he was also thumbing through Dog Eaters.

It turned out that this was Peter Tatara, the organizer of the NY Comic Con for the past four years:


Peter was so friendly that he happily received Dog Eaters and requested that we stay in touch. Peter is also involved in the Anime Festival
( that will be taking place in September 27 – 279 at Javits Center, NYC.

After speaking with Peter, I headed over to a booth where another staff member was setting up some poster holders (as featured in the foreground of Peter’s photograph). At this point, the crowd had increased – here is a photograph of the general atmosphere (note the free Star Trek cups!):


The man setting up the poster holders introduced himself as Mark and said he was involved in the supply end of the comic industry. Mark was really excited to hear about a Dabel Brothers comic – coincidentally, he has a meeting next week with one of the brothers! He was very enthusiastic to find out about Dog Eaters and gladly took this photograph:


After speaking with Mark, several people noticed and commented on the camera around my neck and the fact that I was carrying around some comics! Here are some of the newest Dog Eaters fans that I enjoyed speaking with who were kind enough to have their photographs taken:

Pablo and Eric, an illustrator and independent comic writer

May Young, a graphic designer originally from Hong Kong via San Diego, and
Jason Borelli, a comic writer and avid Comic Con attendee.

We all enjoyed sharing some of the bar food that was also available at Dave and
Buster’s Happy Hour.

I enjoyed mingling with the various attendees and supporters of New York Comic
Convention 2009 and feel that I successfully spread the word about Dog Eaters,
as I seemed to be the only person promoting a comic or representing a comic writer in attendance.

Overall, there were about 40-50 people in the area while I was there (from 5:40 –
7:30 p.m.). Peter Tatara mentioned that he hopes that this will become a monthly
Summer event for Comic fans. I hope that my efforts were for the good of Dog
Eaters and I will be following up with our newest Dog Eaters members.
Thank you very much!

Schedule for issues 4, 5, & 6

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We have been give very strict deadlines for the next three issues. Diamond will cancel distribution if we are late, so you can expect Issue 4 in July, Issue 5 in Aug, and Issue 6 in Sept.

I think that the production team — now all based in Santiago, Chile — have honed their system. And they can talk to each other in their mother tongue. Previous colorists have been from the Philippines and India, so everyone was speaking English as a second language…

Issue #3 proof of completion

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Can you believe this took 6 months? Where does the time go?

Well, it’s off to be lettered.

We’re off to a good start with Issue #4. I promise you it will be completed much faster than this one.


revised, final page 28, Issue #3

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The final color touch-up by Guillermo Angel!

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