Dog Eaters

super-duper panavision? Nah, just a banner

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Issue #3: Pages 2 – 3 Spread. Black Dog hunting…

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Cooking with gas

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OK, hopefully Issue #3 comes in under the wire with a nice looking finish. Brolo from Santiago, Chile is taking on this job. You be the judge…

Detail from page 22:

It’s going to be May 20th… Issue #3, that is

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Diamond has sent a pending cancellation notice to the Dabel Brothers for Issue #3 because we are so late. And we are. Issue #2 came out Dec 17, so it will be five months between issues. Embarrassing but what can I say? It just takes a loooonnnggg time to draw these images.

So we have got to finish production on the color tifs by this week and we’ll be out, May 20. Promise!
Below is page 1.

Proof of progress on issue #3

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I know that Issue #3 is late…
I won’t make any excuses, but I will present visual evidence that production is actually happening.

If you’re standing in front of the wall, you can flip back and forth in time and see the progression.

It’s actually like an archeological dig: drawings taped over drawings — layers of roughs, comped with dialog balloons, final pencils, and color. Color revisions still have to be made. Soon it will be complete and seamless.

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