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Tiffany at Easy Atomic interviewed Malcolm here. As a female manga aficionado, she has a different take than the previous interviews. Thanks, Tiffany!

Final version of dog eaters sticker

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going to new york comicon!

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Malcolm will be making the trek to NYCC, Feb 6 – 8 bearing gifts of Dog Eaters stickers and temporary tattoos for whoever is interested. He will also have a few copies of Issue #0…

Hope to see you there!

MY Comic Shop has dog eaters — and will ship!

Posted on 01.05.09 under New York Comic Con, Uncategorized is billed as having the world’s largest selection of comic books and graphic novels, including Modern, Bronze Age, Silver Age, Golden Age, and even older comic books.

They also have DOG EATERS Issue 1 and 2!

BUY NOW at MyComicShop!

It’s the beginning of a new era!

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Mt. Fuji as seen from a rooftop in Nakano Ward, Tokyo on January 2, 2009.

The first decade in this new millennium is coming to and end. It was a decade that was good to me and my family on a personal level, but a bit disastrous on the global scale. Starting with the subprime derivatives, the dominoes have started to fall. The Die Off is on the horizon, but still off in the distance. In the meantime, all we can do is enjoy ourselves.

While we wait, on the DOG EATERS scale of things, two issues of DOG EATERS have been published with four to go. Issue #3 will be delayed, the deadlines for artwork have caught up to us and we can’t keep up. Be that as it may, I will be attending the New York Comicon, Feb 6 – 8, so hopefully I will have a chance to continue to spread the good word and meet anyone who has been following this saga. Hope to see you there!

Happy New Year!