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Review of Issue #0 by Super Searnold!

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Super Searnold was kind enough to download the free PDF of Issue 0 and review at Super Searnold Reviews. You can download the PDF yourself (6.7 MB) from the sidebar to your left and see if you agree with him.

For purposes of consolidation and saving you the hassle of having to click, scroll, and search on comic portal blogs, interviews are posted in their entirety on the Dog Eaters MySpace page.

There will be more, so keep your eye out!

New Release Date!

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DOG EATERS Issue #1 will now be in stores on November 19, 2008. Sorry for the delay!

Malcolm Wong interview with

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Check out this interview at ComicNews!

Gary Rodrigue asked some good questions and hopefully, you will be interested in the answers.

Preparing Files for Production for Issue #1

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Final TIF files are due imminently at Lithium Pro for lettering.  Guillermo is going over what the colorists, Michael Bartolo and Ruben De Vela did and adding texture, detail, and getting the color consistent over the entire issue.  Guillermo has really gone more than the extra mile on this project and I predict after we complete this, he will be considered a legitimate superstar.  Check out this unfinished section of pg 8 and see if you don’t agree. Click on the image to enlarge.

Project Fanboy Reviews Issue #0!

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Check out this review by Project Fanboy! Issue #0 is a free download on the left sidebar. If you haven’t already, please check it out!

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