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Issue #2 in Diamond Previews

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This is what the the Diamond Preview will look like for DOG EATERS Issue #2. The misspelled name will be corrected, don’t worry!  Orders will be taken for Issue #1, October 1.  Orders for Issue #2, November 1.  Again, you will have to click a couple of times on the image to get it big enough to read.

Issue #2 Cover sneak preview!

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I have been told that Issue #2 turns out to be the most difficult to obtain of every mini-series because of the ordering dynamics of the retail stores.  Something about title recognition, so I’m going to try to get Issue #2 of DOG EATERS as much exposure as I can and see if we can get pre-orders and head that problem off at the pass.

Issue #2 comes out December 2008.

Pictured are Tommy; Rose, the local party girl; and Bronco, the tyrant of Three Palms.

I was asked why you can see the outline of Rose’s nipples. The answer: because she wants you to see them!

New Color Page for Issue #1

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Here’s a sneak preview of page 19. This page was not included in the Preview Issue, so it’s completely without context. We won’t give anything away right now, but I just thought I would share what I think is a great page.

It’s interesting to see how much a difference color makes. On the right, the toned and inked page you can find in the Preview Issue #0.

This time, the toned and inked page from the Preview Issue #0, is on the left.

Catch Dog Eaters on YouTube!

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Believe it or not, Dog Eaters isn’t just a comic book — it’s an adaptation of a screenplay. And that means that one day, we intend to get Dog Eaters on the big screen!

But in the meantime, you can watch some Dog Eaters related footage on Youtube featuring creator Malcolm Wong. We think it’s interesting and entertaining, and we’re sure you will, too!

So go ahead and watch! And please feel free to leave some comments letting us know what you liked!

Download Issue #0 for free!

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We know what you’re thinking — you skipped San Diego Comic Con and missed the chance to get your free copy of Dog Eaters #0, right?

Wrong! We’ve got it available for you to download, absolutely free!

So click the link, snag the file, and see what all the fuss is about!

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